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Note: In Scouting Assistant, click the Help | About menu to determine your version.  Also, there is no need to uninstall prior to installing the latest release.

Release History (recent)

Scouting Assistant Build January 7, 2014

  • Corrected a minor issue with the button bar on the Time Lapse version that caused the Settings menu to be hidden.[Time Lapse Version]

Scouting Assistant Build January 3, 2014

  • Implemented a new feature for the Professional edition for Stamping Photos using Date/Time, Moon Phase, Custom Caption, and Custom Logo. There is a new Setup area under Settings to configure the options and layout and a new icon at the bottom for selecting a new tab for the photo stamper.[Professional Versions]

Scouting Assistant Build July 31, 2013

  • Corrected a problem where an Access Violation would result if playing a video and the user opened a tool panel causing a panel resize.[Professional Versions]

Scouting Assistant Build July 13, 2013

  • Corrected a Licensing issue with TrophyScore.[Professional Versions]

Scouting Assistant Build July 10, 2013

  • Implemented a new Video Encoder and Player that fixes several issues and allows for supporting more video formats. [All Versions]
  • Added support for Stealth Cam serial numbers starting with the letter “I”. [All Versions]

Scouting Assistant Build June 04, 2013

  • Corrected an issue on the Photo Playlist Tab, when dragging or adding large numbers of selected thumbnails to the Working Playlist an “Out of Memory” error would be generated.[All but FREE Version]

Scouting Assistant Build March 01, 2013

  • Added a new output format for the video creator page that allows the user to create their own time lapse videos that are then available for processing under the Motion Processing tab. When you select the Time Lapse Video output format (TLV) then video will be encoded from photos or videos. When complete it will NOT show in the video listing but instead will only show under the Motion Processing tab. [All but FREE Version]
  • Added a new Check box on the Motion Processing tab called “4X Speed”. If you have a fast enough computer this will allow you to play back the Time Lapse video at an even faster rate. [All Versions]

Scouting Assistant Build January 03, 2013

  • Added a new tool panel under the Motion Processing tab called Exclude Frames. The buttons on this panel allow you to select ranges of frames that you can exclude from a motion search either temporarily or permanently for this media set. You can always clear the excluded ranges and start over. This is different than setting the sensitivity during a motion search since it allows you to select periods or hours in a range that you can exclude from the motion search. [All Versions]

Scouting Assistant Build October 19, 2012

  • Fix an issue in all versions that causes 3 access violations during start up on certain machines. This appears to be related simply to the speed of the machine. The slower the machine the more apt this issue was to show. Out of thousands of installed there were three cases of it. [All Versions]
  • Fixed a license validation issue with TrophyScore in the retail package version of Professional. TrophyScore will operate as normal when you download this release. [Pro Version]
  • Added logic to save the Video Creator settings after a video is created. Scouting Assistant will do its best to remember the settings after closing and launching at a later time but there is no guarantee that the saved settings apply to the media set you start with next time. For example if you last used a photo playlist and chose 60 frames per second. Then you launch again and choose a media set with only videos. 60 frames per second is not a valid option in this case so 15 will be chosen instead. [All but FREE Version]

Scouting Assistant Build September 14, 2012

  • Fix an issue in the FREE versions that causes access violation during extract frames as video

Scouting Assistant Build September 12, 2012

  • Added two new Video Creator format options to support MP4 and FLV video outputs. We found that the new MP4 output can produce crisper more fluid output at similar file sizes to the Microsoft MPEG4 format. The MP4 video files seem to be supported natively under Windows 7. If you find that you can’t play them back with Windows Media Player, you can most likely download and install the XVID Codec to provide playback. [All but FREE versions]

  • Added a new HIGHEST quality setting on the Video Creator tab. Output quality is higher but it will be slower during encoding and produce larger output file sizes. [All but FREE versions]

  • Implemented a new Video player component and DLL files to fix a problem during video playback of some videos where the sound track has a crackling/popping noise at volumes below 100%. [All but FREE versions]

Scouting Assistant Build September 07, 2012

  • A new Settings Menu called Video Creation Settings was added. Use this page to configure whether to loop the audio track when the video is longer than the selected audio and to set up the titling and/or logo images to emboss onto video output. The user can select font, font size, font color, title placement, transparency and whether to use a background title pane. There is an optional image file or logo that can be placed in the video as well. Options include image transparency, background transparency, placement and scale.
     Scouting Assistant Video Titling and Logo settings

Scouting Assistant Build July 23, 2012

  • The Purge/Archive Tool panel under Photo Playlists tab was expanded to Purge/Archive/Import by adding a new button to import new media into the current media set. The user will click this button and select one or more media files that will be copied into the media set. [Basic, Time Lapse & Pro Version]
  • Added the Purge/Archive/Import tool panel to the Movie Preview tab which allows for purging all movies BUT the ones in the working playlist, Archive the movies in the working playlist to a new or existing folder (ie. Make a back up), and import selected media into the current media set. [Basic, Time Lapse & Pro Version]

Scouting Assistant Build July 18, 2012

  • A new Tool panel called Purge/Archive is available under the Photo Playlist tab.  There is a Purge button which will purge all photos but those currently in the working playlist.  There is an Archive button which will allow the user to Copy the photos in the working playlist to a new folder. [Basic, Time Lapse & Pro Version]

  • Engineered a solution for photos produced by 2012 Stealth Cam cameras in Time Lapse mode that do not have leading zeroes and sort out of order.  The Time Lapse video is now produced in the correct order.

Scouting Assistant Build July 16, 2012

  • A new Import Folders dialog under the Tools menu allows the user to add one or more selected folders to the database for a particular camera and location. The user must copy the folders (containing photos and/or videos) into the configured MyScoutingAssistant root folder first. [Basic, Time Lapse & Pro Version]

  • Movie Player provides Zoom In/Out using Mouse Wheel as well as pan during playback. [Basic, Time Lapse & Pro Version]

  • Global Playlist features for Photos and video files. This allows you to add photos or movie files from more than one camera, location, import date into the working playlist and save it. You can also use the new UP/DOWN arrows on the playlists to move the selected thumbnails up and down in the list prior to saving it. This gives you control over the order of the media in the play list. [Basic, Time Lapse & Pro Version]

  • Scouting Assistant will now remember the heights and widths of the tool panels so that users with varying resolutions can customize the heights and it will remember those next time you launch. [Basic, Time Lapse & Pro Version]

  • Scouting Assistant now recognizes photos with the somewhat non-standard extension .jpeg and imports those while converting the extension to .jpg for standardization. [All Versions]

  • Added the Video Adjustment tool panel on the Movie player tab. While playing a movie clip you can adjust the Brightness, contrast, Saturation, and Hue. This does not modify the original file. It only affects the play back. Video adjustments are remembered if the Save Adjustments button is clicked but only for the current video. During video production from video playlists, if the user has save custom adjustments, those are used during encoding. [Basic, Time Lapse & Pro Version]

  • Implemented a new Video Player and Encoder. This enables the Video Adjustment (above) and other futures features. [Basic, Time Lapse & Pro Version]

Scouting Assistant Build October 31, 2011

  • Modified the Photo Playlist tab to support two images when clicking the TrophyScore button. Select up to two image thumbnails to be auto loaded into Trophyscore. This only applies to the version of TrophyScore shipped with a Professional License . [Pro Version]

  • Added a new Checkbox to General Settings called “Remember Motion Zones by Camera Location”. Check this option to have SA provide the ability to save and load motion zones based on the camera’s location. This is to provide the convenience that each time you import a new media set at the same location the motion zones will already be set for you. After importing a new media set from a known location, the motion zones will preload from your last motion search at that location if present. [Time Lapse & Pro Version]

Scouting Assistant Build October 22, 2011

  • Added a Split Screen to the Motion Processing tab. The left pane is the Macro View and is used to see the overview of the time lapse video. Double clicking the left pane still toggles full screen while playing. To the right of the macro view is a teal splitter bar that is used to change the size of the two panes. The right pane is the Frame View. On this pane you can zoom in and out with the zoom slider as well as use the mouse wheel to zoom in/out. While zoomed, you can use the mouse and pan the frame around even while playing the time lapse. The frame view allows for zoom and pan while watching the time lapse. [Embedded, Time Lapse & Pro Versions]

  • Added an Option called “Show Macro Pane” which determines if the Macro pane (left side) shows on Motion Processing. [Embedded, Time Lapse & Pro Versions]

  • Added a new option under General settings called “Use High Motion Search Thread Priority”. By default this option should be checked for best performance. On some slower machines however, motion searches can bog down or lock up the application. In this case uncheck this option. Motion searches will be slower but more stable. [Embedded, Time Lapse & Pro Version]

  • On the Import Media set dialog, we added two new check boxes. These are “Convert AVI files to TLV” and “Automatically prepare the Time Lapse Motion Video”. Check the “Convert AVI Files to TLV” option to rename each imported AVI file to TLV so that it will be recognized as a Time Lapse video if avi files are present. This is useful for Brinno Garden cam. Check the “Automatically Prepare…” option to automatically close the import dialog when all media is imported, switch to the Motion Processing tab and start the Motion Preparation step if Photos are present. [Time Lapse & Pro Version]

  • Under the Settings tab | General Settings, a new option called “Optimize Photo viewing for Speed” was added. Check this box to get optimal load speed while viewing/playing photos on the Photo Playlist tab. Uncheck this option to get the highest quality image loaded. [All Versions]

  • On the Photo Playlists tab, the Photo viewer has been changed to support zoom and pan using the mouse or a zoom percent slider. Use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out with the mouse after selecting the photo. Use the mouse and click the photo while holding the left the mouse button to grab the photo and move to pan around. A new checkbox called “Fit Photo in Window” will automatically fit the photo within the frame each time a new photo is selected. If unchecked, the current zoom and pan position is maintained as new photos are selected. [All Versions]

  • Added a checkbox in the toolbox under Motion Processing called “Mark/Unmark as Motion Frame”. This feature allows you to add or remove any frame manually from the MOTION playlist. Each time you click this check box and change its value the Motion playlist is updated. You should ideally have just completed a motion search, then use this to fine tune it. [Time Lapse & Pro Version]

  • Added a new Tool Panel under Photo Playlist tab, Movie Preview tab, and Video Creator tab for the Professional Edition called “Share to Web”. This allows the currently selected Photo(s)/Video to be uploaded to the user’s Facebook or Youtube account. In the future, support for additional photo/video hosting sites will become available. [Pro Version]

  • A Full unlimited license for the Trophyscore application is now included and installed with Scouting Assistant Professional edition. Trophyscore is designed to allow you to virtually score your buck’s headgear using a camera picture. [Pro Version]

Scouting Assistant Build September 19, 2011

  • Added support for Custom Title 1 and Title 2 during Video Production. Video titling can be disabled as well by unchecking “Show Video Titles” on the Video Creator tab. [Time Lapse Version only]

  • Added support for 30 and 60 frames per second for photo to video productions. This is normally used for high speed time lapse video creations (using a photo playlist). [Time Lapse Verion only]

  • Added an Import Media Set button on the Organizer tab

  • Added new option under General Settings called Default Import Date to Todays Date. Setting this option will simply set the Import date to the current system date and time and ignore the date/time on the images.

  • Fixed a problem on the Motion Processing tab when extracting video frames from a Moultrie Time Lapse video selected frames from the beginning of the video rather than seeking to the marked Start Frame.