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How to install Scouting Assistant or update to the latest version:

Step 1: On this website, click the Downloads menu option.
Step 2: Click the Download link.

This will attempt to download the Setup application for Scouting Assistant.  Different browsers will require different steps to both allow the download and to Launch it.

For Internet Explorer: Click "Run" when Prompted.  Then Click "Yes" or "Allow" to start the setup application.

For Chrome: It will show a download animated icon in the lower left corner with a count down in minutes/seconds till complete.  When fully downloaded, click the Icon/button.  Then "Allow" the setup application to run under Windows.

Step 3: Complete the setup wizard by clicking finish.

You are now on the latest version of Scouting Assistant.  This one Setup covers all versions of Scouting Assistant.  There is no need to uninstall first.  Your settings and data will not be lost when you run the Setup.

How to Upgrade Scouting Assistant from any version to Professional:

If you have purchased an upgrade to professional, then you have recieved a new license key via email which begins with the letter "U".  In order to apply the upgrade license and unlock the features in the Pro Version, you must already be running a registered copy.  This will most likely be one of the Free versions avaiable from Bushnell, Stealth Cam, DLC Covert, Acorn, or Uway cameras.

If you have not registered the software to operate with your free version yet do so *before* continuing with the upgrade. Follow the steps above, to install Scouting Assistant.

There is no need to download and install again.  If you have scouting assistant already installed and licensed, then all you have to do is register with your new license key using the following steps.

Step 1: Launch Scouting Assistant and click Help | Register Product.

This will show the registration dialog.  All your settings will be there and the only thing you must input is the new Upgrade license key.

Step 2: Copy/paste the upgrade license key from the email you received from the store front and paste this into the License Key field on the Registration dialog.


Click the Register button.

Once registration is successfull, Scouting Assistant will close.  Launch it again and you will be on the Professional version.

Trouble shooting:

TrophyScore will not launch
If you recently installed and registered the Professional version of Scouting Assistant and trying to use Trophy Score creates an error that it is not licensed, then you simply need to make sure you are running the very latest version.

Follow the steps above to Install or update to the latest version.