Scouting Assistant is now a Ridgetec Software product and is offered at no charge.

Scouting Assistant is a Windows based application compatible with Windows XP through Windows 10.

It is designed to allow you to organize and manage all your camera photos and video clips as they are gathered from the SD card. Multiple cameras and camera locations are fully supported and the software should work well with any scouting camera on the market.

Scouting Assistant does not currently interface with the Ridgetec Camera Portal. Media files are imported from the SD card or locations on your computer drive.

Feel free to download the setup and install and use the product. No license key is required.

Software Features:

  • Easily import photos and videos from your flash media cards to your computer.
  • Organize imported media by Camera and by Location by Date Imported.
  • Preview Photos and Thumbnails using the Photo viewer.
  • View EXIF data (meta data) on photos
  • Use the Playlist manager to organize favorite photos & videos.
  • Built in Video Player, select by videos thumbnail, watch in full screen. Use Step Frame & Frame Grabber to select a video frame and export it as a photo. Video Enhancement filters allow for brightness, contrast, saturation and hue for those videos that need some enhancements to improve them.
  • Email Photos and Videos with a single click
  • Share media to Web, integrates with Facebook, Youtube & more!
  • Easily create Video Slideshows from your photo playlists in a variety of sizes and formats. This makes watching and emailing videos quick and easy. Pick from hundreds of cool Photo Transitions. Establish custom headings for your videos with advanced text overlays and logo image embossing/watermarking.
  • Add an Audio Soundtrack to your video creations.
  • Easily stitch several videos into a single video. Email or Upload video creations. Creates MPEG-4 (AVI) and Windows Media Video (WMV) formats.
  • The Import folders can be located on your computer or on an external hard drive.
  • High Speed Time Lapse playback. Perform Sophisticated Time Lapse Motion searches. Scouting Assistant supports All Time Lapse Video formats including TLV (Plot Watcher), and MLT (Moultrie), and others.
  • Photo Stamper: Stamp Date/Time, Caption, Moon Phase, and Logo Image onto one or more photos. Replace the info strip on commercial cameras with your own customized one.
  • Virtually score any buck from a photo with the included TrophyScore Full license

Note: Scouting Assistant is a DOWNLOAD ONLY product. There is no package shipped. The setup is available at all times for download. This is now Shareware and is freely downloadable at no cost.